Activitea - Boost Immune Function
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A energising blend to boost immune function, restore wellness to  the body and replenish essential vitamins and minerals helping to keep  active and strong. 

Stay healthy and active during pregnancy with this uplifting and  invigorating blend. ActiviTea provides stimulating energy and immunity  boosts that are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Your daily cup of ActiviTea can help improve digestion, relieve  nausea and vomiting and prevent constipation. The unfermented  ingredients include magnesium to release energy from your muscles,  potassium to regulate your blood pressure and sodium to regulate your  nerves. As well as being caffeine free, ActiviTea contains natural  fluoride for good dental health and iron to help your body keep up with  the demands of pregnancy.

Health conscious people choose organic green bosch because of its  high antioxidant content as well as its trace minerals and nutrients.  For pregnant women, this blend will make all the difference to how you  are feeling by easing your insomnia, soothing headaches and reducing the  pain of stomach cramps and indigestion.

With a fresh, light flavour, ActiviTea is the perfect pick-me-up for pregnancy and is delicious served hot or cold. 

  • Pyramid Tea Bag – 35 Serves
  • Ingredients: Organic Green Bosch (green rooibos), Lemon Balm, Apple Pieces, Vanilla Bean

Nutrient Properties

Anti-oxidants - Powerful protectors, antioxidants boost vitality by inhibiting  oxidation and cell damage. Anti-oxidants play an important role in  fertility health by protecting your developing baby from harmful free  radicals.

Calcium - Calcium helps to build healthy teeth and bones for your growing baby  and can help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. An  essential mineral required for the proper function of many of the body’s  processes, Calcium is required for muscle contraction, nerve conduction  and regular heart rate.

Magnesium - Magnesium helps your baby to build healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium  is important in many biological reactions and is essential for muscle  relaxation, protein synthesis and the healthy functioning of the nervous  system. Leg and muscle cramping during pregnancy can be a sign of  magnesium deficiency.

Phosphorus - The second most abundant inorganic element in the body, Phosphorus is  an important part of DNA and RNA. Phosphorus is essential in  combination with Magnesium and Vitamin D to create healthy bones for  your growing baby.

Potassium - Potassium plays a key role in hydration and energy production in your  body. It also assists the healthy development and function of your  babies nervous system, and is crucial in heart and muscle function.

Manganese - Mineral element Manganese is needed for a variety of physiological  processes, it is essential in bone and cartilage development for your  baby and wound healing.

Vitamin C - A water soluble vitamin, crucial in the formation of healthy collagen  making it a structural component of ligaments, tendons, blood vessels  and bone. Vitamin C plays a large role in neurotransmitter function and  Vitamin C deficiency can affect mood. Vitamin C is also a powerful  anti-oxidant, supporting your babies well-being.

Vitamin K - A fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin K is essential in blood-clotting,  adequate amounts of Vitamin K during pregnancy help to prevent excessive  bleeding after birth.

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