BORN TO BREASTFEED The first six weeks and beyond
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By Rowena Gray


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A comprehensive and friendly breastfeeding guide for mothers, addressing all of the questions and challenges that can arise if this nurturing time doesn't always go to plan.


Born to Breastfeed packs in all of the practical information a new mum needs to know. Every conceivable problem or worry is covered.Taking the baby’s perspective, Born to Breastfeed draws on up-to-date, evidence-based research and midwifery practices during pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, explaining how mothers can respond to baby’s actions and needs to improve the health of future generations.Breastfeeding and breastmilk provide all the nutrients and antibodies to give babies the very best start, with health benefits for babies and mothers. Research shows that as the backbone of early nutrition, breastfeeding is also a key influence on adult health, intellect and longevity.

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