FINALLY BOUTIQUE REOPEN DAY is set for Wednesday 13 October, 10am!⁠

As YUM MUM TUM is under the guidelines of an ESSENTIAL business:

- All are welcome in the boutique at any time.

- There will be no checking of private medical records on entry.

- We trust all parents to be diligent in keeping away if symptoms of illness are evident.⁠

- We are adhering to all Government advice and directives in our response to this ongoing situation

Boutique Trading Hours:⁠
- Open Wednesday to Saturday - 10am to 3pm⁠
- Closed Sunday to Tuesday at this time.⁠

Click and Collect:⁠
- Available during trading hours only. ⁠

Online Delivery:⁠
- Will be available Monday & Tuesday only from the 11th October⁠
- Delivery to take place between 3pm to 5pm on both days.⁠

Cost on delivery fee per radius from the 11th October 2021:⁠
$5 within 10km⁠
$10 within 10km to 20km⁠
$15 within 20km to 30km⁠

⁠In store Appointments
- Late afternoon & evening shoppers now have an option to book in a time to visit YUM MUM TUM that suits your individual circumstances.

- Starting from the Wednesday 13th October⁠.

- Bookings available between Wednesday to Friday, 3pm to 6pm.

- Please note these are not private appointments, just limited so we can gauge popularity during this pandemic.


We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces in the flesh from next Wednesday!!

As always if you have any questions, please let us know.⁠

Gem X⁠