MUMMY 101 Workshops are occasions for you to learn and discuss everything breastfeeding and babies. Don't struggle through early motherhood on your own.

MUMMY 101 : Your Breastfeeding Journey is for Mummies with a desire to breastfeed successfully. Breastfeeding your baby should be an enjoyable, bonding experience for both of you. However it can be a maze of health, societal and emotional factors that can make it a significantly stressful experience for new mums. This workshop is about offering you the support necessary to get you off to a good start and to help you enjoy your journey without stress, anxiety and confusion. Learn why breastfeeding is important, what side effects of breastfeeding to look for, and most importantly explore common breastfeeding challenges. Low supply, latching pain, and concerns over Bub's weight gain are just some of the common breastfeeding problems addressed to help give you the best start on your breastfeeding journey

"MUMMY 101 : The Fourth Trimester" is about help for new mums! Don’t feel like you have to struggle through early motherhood on your own. This workshop is about professional guidance and support for new mums who want less of the stress and more of the magic of becoming a mother! We want to help you navigate the first three month of raising a newborn so you can avoid the overwhelm and stress. Early motherhood can be tough: not only is it exhausting, but you’re expected to achieve an awful lot without any prior training. You have to survive on broken sleep, figure out how to breastfeed, plus interpret your baby’s cues – which come at you around the clock. As well as this, you have to sift through a stack of advice and figure out how to make it work for you. 

Both workshops will be presented by the wonderful Lynette Huckstadt from Breast Easy. Lynette is one of the most recommended IBCLC and Postnatal Doulas within Newcastle, Central Coast & The Hunter. Although she isn't renewing her IBCLC credentials this year, she is still the most skilled and experienced practitioner around. Not only does she have over 30 years experience in midwifery, she has personally helped and touched the lives of many families struggling with early motherhood through her personal consulting business, Breast Easy

HOW MUCH: $45 per person, per workshop or $80 for two workshops in the same month. Includes guest speaker, morning tea, confidence & new mum friends.

HOW LONG: 10am to 12pm | 2hrs per workshop